Five Places to Get Weedy Drinks in Portland

What a time to be alive.

(Rosie Struve)

What a time to be alive. We are fast approaching a kind of cannabis singularity here in Portland, wherein every act of consumption can be done in cahoots with an infusion of the good stuff. Here are five places around town where you can smooth out your favorite adult beverage with your favorite cannabidiol.

Coalition Brewing's Two Flowers IPA
Billed as "the first commercially produced CBD-infused beer in Oregon," Two Flowers is an IPA infused with hemp and CBD. The goal is to celebrate the genetic similarity between cannabis and hops, and the resulting product is a bit grassy and hemp-forward. But it does deliver a nice 3-gram dose of CBD in each 12-ounce glass. Find it permanently on tap at Eastburn (1800 E Burnside St.) and others bars across town, and at Coalition's brewpub in Laurelhurst (2705 SE Ankeny St.).

McMenamins Sabertooth Kush IPA
A collaboration between venerable local hotelier-publican McMenamins and Chalice Farms, the new Sabertooth Kush matches Purple Hindu Kush terpenes with a crisp, clean IPA style. This beer is really good—those grassy cannabis notes start out aggressively, like drinking beer in a forest grow op, but beneath that, the beer's drinkability wins out, landing somewhere in the realm of fresh-cut grass—and it could almost be a fresh-hop IPA with a little extra fire.

Donnie Vegas' Marg-a-Weed-a Slushie
As the weather turns passably warm, Donnie Vegas (1203 NE Alberta St.) is making perhaps the chillest drink in Portland: a purple Marg-a-Weed-a CBD slushie with a big ol' lime wedge on the side of the glass. Combined with the bar's extensive hot dog menu and spacious back patio, this is Portland's surefire drink of the summer.

Ablis CBD Soda at Growler Guys and Tin Bucket
You'll find Bend CBD purveyor Ablis' popular infused sodas on tap at fill-'n'-chill favorite Growler Guys (816 SE 8th Ave.; 3739 SW Bond Ave.), as well as at bottle shop Tin Bucket (3520 N Williams Ave.), allowing you build your own custom beer-and-CBD blend. Maybe a nice Pilsner with blood-orange soda? What if you super-charged the acidity on a Berliner weisse by adding a little lemon ginger? Take a splash of hazy IPA, a skosh of milk stout, a big blast of saison, add some of soda, and you've just made the chillest Graveyard in town, friend.

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