719 Molalla Ave., Oregon City, 503-908-1491; 2005 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, 503-344-6729; gnomegrownorganics.com. 10 am-9 pm Monday-Friday, 10 am-8 pm Saturday-Sunday.

Having the word "gnome" in its name may call to mind images of mischievous imps tending to forests of towering plants, but Gnome Grown's pair of stores in Oregon City are a tad more refined than you'd think. From the meticulously assembled wooden diffusion wall in the lobby right down to the plaid carpet squares inspired by a shirt-pattern lead grower Dan McAllister wore while tending crops throughout the Willamette Valley, Gnome Grown has natty lumberjack chic dialed in to a T. A recent visit to the Molalla Avenue location found 12 strains of impossibly fresh bud grown sustainably and pesticide-free at the brand's farm in Canby, with grams ranging from $7 for a super-tangy Tillamook Strawberry to $15 for some of the dankest, piniest Durban Poison in the area. A small but strong selection of oils and concentrates was on offer as well, with $20 grams of Tree Honey Extract standing out as one of the best deals in a case that also featured extracts from White Label, Claywolf, Buddies and Yerba Buena.

NEARBY: Make your way to Tacho's Mexican Restaurant (515 Molalla Ave.) for karaoke, massive margaritas and family-style Mexican fare that's just as good when you've got no family to speak of.