6814 NE Glisan St., 503-252-0036, thegreenfront.org. 8 am-10 pm.

Green Front is known as a North Tabor destination for budget cannabis products. "Best pricing in Oregon," reads its Leafly bio—a bold, self-bestowed superlative that invites, if not active scrutiny, a raised eyebrow. When I stopped by Green Front recently, I expected some jaw-slackening deals. What I found, though, was less cut-rate than what I'd anticipated. Grams of flower from growers like Heroes of the Farm, NUGZ and Albion Farms sell for anywhere from $9.60 to $15, while extracts from budget-BHO slingers Hood Oil run $20 a gram and higher-end options like Oregrown's Caviar Diamonds are priced at $67.20. Green Front's most competitive deal—$100 ounces of select flower—was out of stock when I was on the floor, so I can't speak to how the quality indexes with cost, but its a price point that can be found elsewhere. As Oregon's cannabis prices have seen a downward curve since last season's outdoor crops hit the market, a new landscape of increasingly affordable flower and better and better deals has reset the bar for budget destinations—a bar that Green Front is sliding under only when it flattens its hair.

NEARBY: East Glisan Pizza (8001 NE Glisan St.) makes the best Detroit pies in town—traditional red-tops with a hearty sauce applied in careful rows atop a thick blend of mozzarella and brick cheese.