5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., 971-407-3208, kaleafa.com. 9 am-10 pm daily.

Although the company is quickly colonizing the map with what will soon be five locations in Oregon and Washington, the original Kaleafa can be found in an unassuming Craftsman-style home in the Woodstock neighborhood near the New Seasons. The dispensary is split into two rooms: flower and concentrates. Kaleafa doesn't offer the usual gram of garbage for "bargain" prices that you'll find at other dispensaries. At the lower end of the price spectrum for the dozens of flower options, an $8 gram will get you a few quality nugs, often with THC north of 20 percent. On what the budtender referred to as her "Costco shelf," several strains could be purchased in bulk, at discount, with prices that start at $20 for an eighth. Dispensaries with a large flower selection sometimes have trouble moving product quickly enough to keep it all fresh. But the gram of Dutch Treat hybrid purchased on a recent visit was clean-smoking and smelled like a Grasshopper cookie. Speaking of cookies, a dazzling array of edibles—including THC gummies, cake bites and sodas—can be found on the concentrate sides, along with an apothecary of tinctures, salves, shatters, butters and more. Both medical and recreational products are available with same-day or next-day delivery.

NEARBY: Travel about six blocks toward Reed College on Woodstock and you'll come to the Lutz Tavern (4639 SE Woodstock Blvd.). The massive quantity of Pabst Blue Ribbon served here helped to establish the tallboy as Portland's drink of choice in the '90s.