10700 NW St. Helens Road, 503-285-0355, lacannaisseur.com. 9 am-10 pm Monday-Saturday, 10 am-7 pm Sunday.

As you head out of St. Johns toward Scappoose, La Cannaisseur's unassuming exterior contrasts starkly with its dark, luxe interior. A crystal chandelier dominates the waiting area, where IDs are swiftly checked before the door opens and you're enveloped by the grand French boudoir interior, complete with additional chandeliers. Where some dispensaries are clearly trying to maximize profits by turning transactions quickly, La Cannaisseur is so seductively welcoming, you could spend hours inside and the staff would hardly mind. La Cannissuer's vast menu contains 35 strains of flower, extensive edibles, and an impressive assortment of extras, including three varieties of moon rocks, four strains of kief, and live resin diamonds. The bang-to-buck ratio here is high: Top-shelf strains max out at $14 a gram, and if you go with offerings grown at La Cannaisseur's own farm—five strains are currently on the menu; look for the white-highlighted entries—you can walk out with crystalline, dank nugs for only $12 a gram. One budtender, happy to chat while he packed pre-rolls, explained that the  shop's done a lot of market research and has tried to offer the best prices possible. We even got a discount when checking out, just because, "It's the weekend."

NEARBY: Right next door, you'll find the robust offerings of the confusingly named Decoy (10710 NW St. Helens Road). While the name provides no indication of such, you'll find some of the area's finest Chinese and American food under one roof.