7435 SE 52nd Ave., 503-777-9333; 4450 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-282-9333; 4999 NE 99th Ave., 503-254-9333; 3695 SW Elliott Place, Beaverton, 503-747-4654; lamota.com. 8 am-10 pm daily.

With 15 locations in Oregon, it's almost expected for a company the size of La Mota to succumb to the antiseptic aesthetic of brazen commercialism. The chain's four locations in the Portland area, however, are anything but, offering clean and cheery environs that feel more like tidy bodegas than sterile outposts for Big Cannabis. Its newest location, in Hollywood, may be its most sleek and spacious operation, with a brilliant, all-white aesthetic that's offset by a colorful selection of bongs above rows of Ball jars filled with vivid flower. La Mota is consistently staffed with enthusiastic stoners who are quick to tell you exactly what they smoked last night and why, which is helpful in navigating the massive red binder of prices and specs. There's a good chance the flower they're hyped on will be included in the weekly Flower Friday deal, an offer good for half-off pricing on a small handful of strains like 9lb Hammer, Triangle and Orange Cookies. La Mota is also the best place to turn couch-cushion change into one of LOa Mota's famous $4 grams, with recent offerings like ChocoX and Dutch Treats far exceeding the dankness of similar deals throughout town.

NEARBY: Once you wrap up at the Hollywood location, follow the neon to Chin's Kitchen (4132 NE Broadway), one of Portland's best Chinese restaurants, and order the mind-shatteringly good pork-stuffed sweet-and-sour eggplant.