Portland Weed’s Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

Big ’Grams

Anja Charbonneau, Broccoli magazine
Followers: 30k combined
Day job: Founder, editor-in-chief and creative director at Broccoli magazine
Why people follow: Oregon's recreational cannabis industry isn't yet 3 years old, but Charbonneau says it's already all bro'd up.

"It began feeling very male-dominated from the beginning," says Charbonneau, editor and creative director at brand-new magazine Broccoli. "So we want to make sure that we're speaking to the women out there that nobody was talking to."

Launched in November, Broccoli isn't just a magazine staffed entirely by women. It feels like a new step forward in Portland's stoner aesthetic.

Broccoli is far past the "weed porn" close-ups of multicolored, crystal-coated buds that dominated the industry's media for decades. Rather, the magazine and its Instagram page are resplendent with pastel tones, artfully arranged pot leaves, gently distorted typefaces and cats.

Basically, it's Kinfolk for pot smokers. Which makes sense: Charbonneau was Kinfolk's creative director for nearly four years. (Broccoli, a free magazine, makes money the old-fashioned way: by selling ads.)

Less than a season in, Broccoli has already caught the attention of Vogue, Broadly, Fashionista and Goop, and the first print edition is sold out. The magazine is scheduled to publish thrice yearly, with the second issue coming out sometime this spring.

Meanwhile, Broccoli's Instagram is an oasis of off-kilter hygge calm in a cannabis media landscape that is sometimes so dank it's unchill.

"People have all of these sensory interests that tie into their cannabis experience, but weed isn't their No. 1 focus," says Charbonneau. "We're talking about life, and where it fits in."

Jade Daniels and Harlee Case, Ladies of Paradise
Followers: 24.6k
Day jobs: Stylists, branding consultants, photographers and bloggersWhy people follow: Daniels and Case show up to cannabis-industry parties in colored wigs and vintage jackets. Their events company looks like Willy Wonka crashed the Summer of Love, and the photos of their candy-colored shindigs create Portland cannabis's most fun Instagram.

Ariel Zimman, Stonedware Company
@stonedwarecompany *
Followers: 19.8k on Instagram
Day job: Ceramicist
Why people follow: For the hash pipes. Zimman's geometric smoking pieces are as much minimalist ceramic sculpture as they are tools for getting high. The Instagram feed is part art gallery, part twee head shop.

HiFi Farms
Followers: 12.8k
Day job: High-end cannabis farm
Why people follow: Mostly shying away from typical shots of crystal-encrusted nugs, HiFi chills out with artfully rustic scenes of the cannabis farming and growing process, sometimes taking breaks to promote its  collaborations with classical music groups and breakout Portland rock stars Portugal the Man.

*   Image pictured for @stonedwarecompany courtesy of Cameron Rexroat (@justanotherjayblog)

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Portland Weed's Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

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