6900 N Interstate Ave., 503-206-4725, satchelpdx.com. 10 am-10 pm daily.

Over the past couple years, I've developed something of a Friday ritual. I start my day a little early so I can punch out before traffic swells, and as I make my way north toward my house, I keep going, heading up Interstate past the neon-lit motels and fast-food sprawl to Satchel, where the start of the weekend means eighths of flower—3.5 grams—are rounded up to 5 grams at no additional cost to the consumer. What's more, Satchel vertically integrates products from Cultivated Industries, resulting in a price-quality index that's very much in favor of the buyer, especially when combined with a discount. Satchel isn't a fancy shop, nor is the selection the most comprehensive, but its menu is consistently true to the "we only stock weed we ourselves would smoke" mantra. I've shopped its connoisseur, commercial and budget shelves many times over, perfectly satisfied at all price points. And as an added bonus, because Satchel and Cultivated share ownership, consumers are treated to exclusive drops and previews of some very fine cultivars, like the flavorful and strong Orange #43—a personal favorite that's earned a dedicated spot in my treasure chest due to a well-balanced hybrid high that's both feel-good and effective in relieving body aches and muscle pains.

NEARBY: Over its nine years in North Portland, Sarah Pederson's Wisconsin-themed beer bar, Saraveza (1004 N Killingsworth St.), has grown into one of the state's most well-respected institutions.