220 SW 1st Ave., 971-279-5613; 2519 SE Belmont St., 971-803-5580; shopserra.com. 10 am-10 pm Monday-Saturday, 10 am-7 pm Sunday.

Serra is often referred to as "the Anthropologie of pot." Everything from the gilded chopsticks used to measure each gram of flower to the greenhouse-shaped glass cases for edibles and vaporizers is curated to photogenic perfection. The luxe presentation is reflected in the product selection, including edibles like the line of Woodblock x Serra chocolates, 45 mg THC apiece for $24. Most of the flower is on the more expensive end at $12 to $14 a gram, but in this particular case, they're worth it as long as the house farm, Pruf Cultivar, is being run by Jeremy Plumb, one of the state's most esteemed cultivators. The concentrate and vape selection is slight but highly vetted, with live resin from Willamette Valley Alchemy ($70 a gram) and Quill's measured-dose vape pens for $40. But when it comes to shopping for cool stoner gifts, Serra takes the cake. It carries items you won't find elsewhere under one roof, like a chic leather clutch with a combination lock, Summerland ceramic bongs and wearable tampers by local artist Soothsayer.

NEARBY: At the downtown location, you might as well complement your bougie dispensary visit with bougie soft serve just a block away at the Wiz Bang Bar in Pine Street Market (126 SW 2nd Ave.). If you visit the Belmont location, head west to the Pied Cow Coffeehouse (3244 SE Belmont St.) for a slice of pecan pie on the back patio (hookah optional), where there is often a very friendly neighborhood cat awaiting your attention.