8056 SE Harold St., 503-788-7005; 6033 NE Win Sivers Drive, 971-279-5526; goshango.com. Call for hours.

Pulling away from Arrivals at Portland International Airport, you've got a number of nearby dispensary options to satiate that carload of eager out-of-towners looking to get their hands on Oregon's greenery. To start filling that horn of plenty the right way, head up Northeast Airport Way and once you pass the Comfort Suites, hang a right into the shopping center where Shango Premium Cannabis has tucked away its super-convenient Win Sivers location. Once past the waiting room, you'll find a sterile, white environment, the north wall of which is adorned by branches of Shango's signature, vertically integrated cultivars—those encased in glass cloches and presented in a row like minimalist installation art. Shango was, perhaps, the first recreational dispensary on the Portland scene to stock its own shelves with house flower. One of its exclusive house strains, PDX—a cross of Cinex and Skunk—is perhaps the go-to productivity cultivar on the Portland circuit. Shango also produces its own line of extracts and cartridges, as well as a small selection of house edibles that it pairs with an expanded line of third-party infused foods.

NEARBY: Last year, Crossroads Music (8112 SE Foster Road) moved its nearly unrivaled inventory of used vinyl, CDs and cassettes off Hawthorne into a spacious building right next door to Shango's Lents location. Come and get lost for a few hours.