Strain Picks: What to Smoke For a Perfect Buzz

All oxygenated muscles and warm, easy moods.

by Deschutes Growery
A few years back, a relatively unknown strain called Miracle Alien Cookies sold at auction in a pack of 20 seeds for $15,000. Over time, it became a hotly discussed cultivar in online weed circles. Onboarding the strain into Oregon's recreational system took time, but it was worth the wait. The high is all oxygenated muscles and warm, easy moods, happy, tension-relieving and lethargic—ideal video game weed with deep body notes in larger doses.

Chocolate Mint OG
by Truly Oreganic
A drowsy, cozy cross of Emerald OG and Granddaddy Purps that's perfect for warming up a cold night, Chocolate Mint OG is the Pendleton blanket of weed. The psychoactive properties live up to the Purp's olfactory nuances—warm and centering on the relaxed side of mellow—with a feel-good headspace that lends itself to conversation and social settings. It's a great option for taking a load off without putting a definitive end stop on the day—an ellipsis of relaxation and positive social intention.

Lavender Trainwreck
by Mindful Organics
Lavender Trainwreck has an uncommon cannabinoid profile—16.9 percent THC, 3.7 percent CBD. Its rare terpene profile, dominated by a rare spike of ocimene, imparts an anxiety-free high that straddles the lines between typical categorical labelings, situating lucidity and mental awareness in a moderate sense of physical relaxation and renewed bodily comfort.

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