420 NE 60th Ave., 503-957-7832, urbanfarmacypdx. 10 am-9 pm Monday-Tuesday, 10 am-9:45 pm Wednesday-Saturday, 11 am-7 pm Sunday.

Considering the address of the miniature red barn that houses Urban Farmacy, it's almost as if the cannabis gods strategically placed it there to appease the tastes of North Tabor's most discerning stoners. Inside, you'll find a bright and woody space that hosts a pair of displays showcasing a staggering variety of flower, all of which is organized into glistening, color-coded jars. A pair of ceiling-length chalkboards show off Urban Farmacy's top-notch pre-roll business, which has quality selections for all budgets, like a $5 half-gram of Jack Herer to a full gram of Ghost Train haze for $10. The oil and cartridge selection has almost doubled in the past year, with brands like Green Dragon, Buddies and Quill joining mainstays like Select and WHO. Perhaps the best daily deal is the selection of $4.20 grams of b-buds, which included a really nice CBD-dominant strain of Harle Tsu that was a few bucks cheaper here than at any other shop we visited.

NEARBY: Stumble right around the corner to the O'Neill Public House (6000 NE Glisan St.) for traditional Irish music, weekly jam sessions and fresh pints of Guinness.