1979 NW Vaughn St., 503-410-7396, vesselpdx.com. 11 am-7 pm daily.

Hidden in an industrial corner of Northwest that's surrounded by freeways, Vessel lets its flower speak for itself. There's little else on the narrow white walls of the dispensary other than dozens of glass jars perched on wooden shelves behind the counter. It's all the space needs: Vessel stocks seriously gorgeous bud ($6 to $15 a gram), carefully curated from a constantly changing selection of growers. If you're looking to set out of your strain comfort zone, Vessel can probably help. When we visited, the Malawi and PCK hybrid ($9 a gram) had sticky, deep purple cones that produced an active, heady high.

NEARBY: Pomarius Nursery (1920 NW 18th Ave.) is as fancy as plant stores get—potted trees, sculpted topiaries, two lush greenhouses full of succulents and orchids and, in one, a pair of caged finches. Even window shopping feels luxurious.