510 NW 11th Ave., 971-940-6624, virtuesupplycompany.com. 10 am-10 pm daily.

Virtue occupies the former Tea Zone space right across from the Blick art supply shop in the Pearl. You'll find the entrance by spotting the tourists who've stopped to photograph the large sign that reads "Gluten-Free Marijuana." Once inside, the reception area is decorated with shelves of minerals and crystals that add a bit of sparkle to the bright, naturally lit space. The décor is amped up another degree in the bud room, where Sun God tinctures and Wyld gummies are displayed on hollowed tree rings, and where LED projections flash color-changing patterns on the counter. There's an impressive selection for such a new shop, with strains from top-notch growers like Nelson & Company Organics, Higher Minds Horticulture and Resin Ranchers.

NEARBY: A local favorite for a dive-bar afternoon, the kitsch-chic décor and amiably dismissive service at Low Brow Lounge (1036 NW Hoyt St.) stands unchanged as the Pearl overdeveloped around it.