2331 SW 6th Ave., 971-255-1758, zioncannabis.com. 10 am-10 pm Monday-Sunday.

With a smart, modest selection of heavy-hitting products and glass pieces worthy of bragging rights, Zion fulfills all expectations for the unofficial pot shop of the Portland State campus. Located just off I-405 with abundant street parking, the no-frills service eliminates the pomp and circumstance at many shops downtown. Among the 10 to 15 strains on the shelf at any given point, the range of pricey indoor to more affordable sungrown flower are made up of renowned names like Resin Ranchers, the resident kings of glittering, high-THC buds, and Pilot Farms, a Clean Green-certified sustainable producer out of Ashland. You'll find $20 to $30 grams of oil by Dab Society, Hood Oil and Frontier Farms, and a lineup of vape options by Quill and Select Strains. But Zion goes above and beyond the call of college-age clientele, and happens to be one of the few shops in town that offers an additional discount on already untaxed purchases by medical patients.

NEARBY: Just a three-minute walk over to Southwest Broadway brings you to the base of the Elevator Stairs (710 SW Broadway Drive), where you can climb a wooden staircase into the mossy treeline—a solid spot to spend 4:20 with a view of the westside.