Even Texans Think Portland Has the Best Barbecue Outside of Texas

"Texas Monthly" barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn concluded that Portland’s barbecue scene is “basically Austin in 2013.”

(Christine Dong)

First, we hijacked their slogan. Now, Portland is once again stealing Austin's thunder—and this time, it's the cultural tradition they're most proud of.

We're talking about barbecue.

Don't just take it from us: In December, no less an expert than Daniel Vaughn, the designated barbecue editor at Texas Monthly, boldly declared, "Portland Has the Best Texas Barbecue Scene Outside Texas."

In the article, Vaughn, a Dallas native, rhapsodized over the many smoked and sauce-slathered offerings found around town, from the ribs at Bark City to the pork belly at Bullard. The brisket at Matt's BBQ—which he credits with sparking Portland's current 'cue renaissance—left him particularly gobsmacked.

"It was phenomenal," Vaughn wrote. "Slices of lean brisket had just the right amount of oak smoke and were perfectly tender and ridiculously juicy."

Vaughn concluded that Portland's barbecue scene is "basically Austin in 2013." He confessed his two-day trip to town wasn't nearly enough time to sample everything he wanted—an achievement in itself.

"That's a good problem for any city to have," he wrote, "especially one outside Texas."

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