The Next 10 of Portland’s Best New Bands

Who's got next?

11. Deathlist (26.5 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: The skeletons in your closet refusing to let you sleep by throwing an all-night post-punk dance party in the basement.

12. Karma Rivera (25.5 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: Wandering into a house-party freestyle session and coming out with a black eye, fat lip and a NOW membership.

13. Mr. Wrong (25 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: The ghosts of riot grrrl past conjured to the present to haunt a new generation of shitty men.

14. Floating Room (24 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: Stumbling upon an abandoned carnival on a foggy night, taking a ride on the Tunnel of Love and never being heard from again.

15. Ritual Veil (23.5 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: Going back in time to catch an early Depeche Mode show and falling in love with the opener instead.

16. Moorea Masa & the Mood (23 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: Strolling barefoot through the park on a warm afternoon and hearing the sound of an old soul 45 wafting in on a summer breeze.

17. Bryson Cone (22.5 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: The music Ariel Pink saves for when he's getting it on—or crying alone on 'shrooms.

18/19. Fountaine (22 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: A rapper trying to pull the anime version of his life story out of his head and put it on wax.

18/19. Ah God (22 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: All of Ty Segall's side projects consolidated into one band and recorded on a broken boombox.

20. Tribe Mars (21 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: An alternate timeline where the Roots spurn Jimmy Fallon to become the house band at the Goodfoot.

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