Blazer fans, prepare to bust a bucket.

As part of the organization's currently-in-progress 50th anniversary season, the team is releasing a limited edition "greatest hits" album—and no, it's not just a compilation of Dame D.O.L.L.A. dis tracks.

Over the years, the Blazers have had several songs written in their honor—and performed some themselves. Now, you'll be able to get the best of them all in one place. Finally?

The record—yes, an actual record, pressed on vinyl and everything—will be available exclusively at Rip City Clothing inside Moda Center starting with tomorrow's game against the Philadelphia Fightin' 76ers.

The album features seven novelty jock jams, beginning with 1977's countrified "BlazerMania," by songwriting truck driver D.D. Albritton, and ending with a new version of "Blazers Theme Song," otherwise known as the "Trail Blazer Trumpets" that announce the start of every home game, by Portland super-fans Portugal the Man.

But the true bangers are in between.

It's hard to remember now, but back in the days before athletes could launch semi-legitimate, secondary rap careers, sports franchises were practically required to force their players to record their own, often cringe-inducing anthems. The Blazers recorded a few over the years, including early 2000s party-rap joint "Can I Get a Headband?" featuring Bonzi Wells and Damon Stoudamire, and the New Jack Swingin' "1,2,3 Go Rip City" from 1991.

The classic, though, is 1990's "Bust a Bucket," by Portland music legend Dan Reed, which somewhat inexplicably sold 30,000 copies back in the day. Here's what we wrote about it in 2015 on our list of the greatest Portland songs ever:

Every city needs its novelty jock jam, and “Bust a Bucket” is Portland’s “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Whacked in the head with a basketball while sitting courtside at a Blazers game, local cheese-rock idol Dan Reed proceeds to earnestly sing-rap a concussed daydream about getting pulled onto the court by Rick Adelman, chatting up Ahmad Rashad and draining hook shots from half-court, while Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter and the rest of the early ’90s squad chant the supercalifragilistic chorus. It’s aged like a pair of Zubaz, but mention “Bust a Bucket” to any longtime ‘zers fan and watch their eyes well up with nostalgia.

As Ray Parker Jr. would say, "Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Anyway, here's the full track list, courtesy of Blazers Edge:

1) BlazerMania (1977) – D.D. Albritton

2) Bust a Bucket (1992) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo, Dan Reed

3) Rip City Rhapsody (1990) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

4) 1,2,3 Go Rip City (1991) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

5) BlazerTown (1993) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

6) Can I Get a Headband? (2000) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

7) Blazers Theme Song (2018) – Portugal. The Man

Pick up your copy at tomorrow’s game, which also happens to be ’70s Night, the first of five decade-themed home games planned for the season. You’ll definitely listen to it at least once!

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