Portland has lost yet another music festival.

Soul'd Out has announced that the multi-venue event has come to will not take place this year.

"When we started Soul'd Out Festival we were told by seemingly everyone in the media and our industry that you simply cannot do a Soul music-inspired event in the Pacific NW," the company wrote in a press release. "Not only have we proven them wrong, but we feel as if we helped shift the landscape locally, and perception nationally, on what music resonates in the NW and who gets to have a seat at the table when it comes to music and culture."

Soul'd Out took place in venues around the city over the course of a week each spring, booking a mix of of-the-moment artists, hip-hop and R&B legends, and local musicians.

Since its first iteration in 2010, the festival has booked an impressive list of artists, including Solange when she was fresh off the release of her breakout opus A Seat at the Table, the Travis Scott concert featuring a cameo from Drake and the last shows Prince played in Portland.

Last year, Soul'd Out made national headlines when it sued Coachella for Southern California festival's "radius clause." The case was dismissed.

Soul'd Out will continue as a year-round production company, and co-founder Nicholas Salas-Harris is now the Artistic Director for the PDX Jazz Festival. Several concerts in the lineup for this year's jazz festival are Soul'd Out co-productions, including the top-billed Thundercat set at the Portland Art Museum.