A quintet of Portland rappers have teamed up for "Dear Portland Police," a song comprising verses written before and during the current protests.

The song and its music video were released by Swiggle Mandela, who supplies the hook: "Dear Portland Police, I just want my peace," he raps. "We don't fuck with pork/You don't want the beef."

The song also includes verses by veteran Portland rapper Cool Nutz, Mandela's older brother Jasey Cordeta, and Kool Chief Rocker, aka Micah Fletcher.

Most of the video was filmed in front of murals painted on the boarded-up Apple Store downtown. There's visual and lyrical references throughout the video to law enforcement's history of connections to the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups, images of burning American flags, footage of riot cops facing protesters, and shots of Black Lives Matter signs placed below the murals.

Mandela released two versions of "Dear Portland Police" last year—one with Cordeta on his album Portlandsterdam and another with Fletcher on Mandela's EP The Master Plan. 

The extended version in the newly released video includes specific references to the current uprising, particularly in Cool Nutz's verse: "Protesting all of that racist shit/They looting, burning, flaming shit/My n— fed up/No taming this."