Portland's annual chance to see Aminé perform is coming a little early. And unlike when he plays the Roseland pretty much every winter—which obviously probably wasn't going to happen this year anyway—this show won't sell out before you can grab a ticket.

This afternoon at 4 pm, Aminé will perform all of his new album, Limbo, on a YouTube livestream.

The Portland-born, L.A.-based rapper released his sophomore album last Friday, and so far, it's been met with positive reviews. GQ wrote that the album marries the "bright melodies and pop hooks of Good for You with the trunk-rattling trap he explored on OnePointFive," while Pitchfork's Sheldon Pearce wrote, "These songs aren't just high-spirited, slightly goofy, and unassumingly clever; they have a lightness that is invigorating."

"Woodlawn," named after the Portland neighborhood and dedicated to a friend who was incarcerated last year, cracked the top 50 of Spotify's U.S. daily streams chart. In an interview before the album's release, Aminé told GQ that "Woodlawn" was particularly important to him: "This shit has to be a hit and if it's not, I swear to God I'm going to go crazy."

Aminé celebrated with some Ciroc and by jumping into a pool wearing his own merch:

Alternately breezy and booming, Limbo sees the 26-year-old rapper reflecting on the uneasy transitions into fame and adulthood. The fact that its title describes what feels like the national state of being is purely a coincidence.

"What's fucking crazy is I had [the title] for about a year and a half, way before this pandemic, before everything," he told Vulture. "Personally, I'm not a fan of being on-the-nose of things, of the times, or of anything, really, ever, so the title just kind of worked out in our favor when it came to the timing."