Less than two years after their last album, Sleater-Kinney are back with another.

Today, the legendary Portland band announced that their tenth album, Path of Wellness, is due out in June. It marks the shortest gap between Sleater-Kinney albums in almost two decades.

Released in summer 2019, the band’s last record, The Center Won’t Hold, marked a major shift in sound and lineup. Produced by St. Vincent and brandishing a new, sleeker sound, the album was Sleater-Kinney’s last album with drummer Janet Weiss, who abruptly quit the band shortly before its release.

The first song off Path of Wellness seems somewhere between a continuation of that new approach and a return to form. “Worry With You” features an anthemic chorus, tight groove, jagged guitars and a much brighter sound than the doomsday premonitions on The Center Won’t Hold.

The single’s funny, touching music video was directed by Portland filmmaker Alberta Poon and stars Sávila guitarist and She Shreds founder Fabi Reyna. Reyna plays one half of a couple alternately goofing off and getting on each others’ nerves while living in quarantine-like close confines.

Path of Wellness was recorded last year in Portland and by remaining members Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker. It’ll be the band’s first self-produced album and their first as a duo. The album is due out on June 11 via Mom + Pop.