Adams' Plan for the City

Great article! I'm inspired by Rukaiyah Adams' achievements, personally and professionally, and especially by her vision for the moribund—and wasteful—Rose Quarter ["Long-Distance Runner," WW, March 8, 2017].

To develop it in a way that reconnects it to its place in history and the people displaced by it, as well as making it a place for people 24 hours a day—living, working, socializing, playing—would be a higher and better use of that chunk of real estate than how it's used now.

—Jim Barnas

A lawyer from Wall Street is going to look out for the working class of Portland? I don't know how that works.


I see Adams as an activist with a personal base of economic power. That makes her all the more likely to effect change.


Churches Provide Sanctuary

So Pastor W.J. Mark Knutson rings the huge bell, and the entire neighborhood is invited to join him in breaking U.S. law? ["How to Build an Underground Railroad," WW, March 8, 2017.]

These are not immigrants; they are illegal aliens who have absolutely no right to be in our country. I'm sick and tired of these criminals.

What a dreadful lesson to be teaching the youth of this church: We get to pick and choose the laws we want to obey.

—Kit Hogan

God bless and protect everyone associated with this moral, compassionate and just endeavor—their courage is laudable, as is their willingness to help in the fight against evil.

—Connie Kosuda

Wine Industry Seeks Subsidy

First of all, the subsidy has to be worth the investment ["Pork and Wine," WW, March 8, 2017]. Does the amount of money the wine industry brings into our state make this subsidy worth it? And, if not currently, will it eventually?

It is one our growing industries; we would help any other industry if the potential was there. It shouldn't make any difference if the industry is wine or apples or wheat.


Why No Gayborhood?

"One of the nation's most LGBTQ-friendly cities has no queer enclave." Really? ["Why Portland Can't Have a Gayborhood," WW, March 8, 2017.]

I've lived here for a decade and have never been gay-bashed so much in my life. I can't say that I'm surprised there's never been a true enclave for the LGBT.

I wish people would stop painting Portland to be as liberal and progressive as it claims to be. There's much more growth and change to be done.

—Rae Nichelle-Peres

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