Last week on, we wrote about the announcement that one of the Pacific Northwest's biggest music festivals—Sasquatch—is ceasing operation. In the past few years, the festival's attendance has declined significantly, and last year's headliner, Frank Ocean, canceled weeks before his scheduled performance. Here's what readers had to say:

Tim O Thy, via Facebook: "I am so, so sad! The three I went to were some of the best days of my life!"

Erin Staples, via Twitter: "Something will take its place. That venue is too beautiful not to have a festival."

Mallory Dyan Lessard, via Facebook: "Probably a good idea to let the Gorge heal for a few years."

Chris Hannemann, via Facebook: "Good. It's been shitty lineups for way too much money for too many years now."

Ptcashier, via Reddit: "It was so damn expensive. I stopped going after they started making people pay for all three days. This is very sad."

Mason Ross, via Twitter: "It went out with a bang. 2018 was maybe the best yet."

Rainman McMillin, via Facebook: "Oh no, they booked 200 vanilla indie bands and somehow lost viability. The horror."

Pdxtrashed, via Reddit: "If we're being honest, the lineup was pretty bunk the last three years, so I'm glad they let it go instead of milking it more."

Sammy van den Berg, via Twitter: "I'm quitting everything."

No Love for Midwives?

We have been going steady for a year. See Alma Midwifery ad. While we were thrilled to see Elise Herron's article about diversity in PDX parent types and the myriad of conception options available ("Modern Family," WW, June 13, 2018), we felt jilted! Oregon Reproductive Medicine is not the only organization assisting pregnancy for all people! Alma Midwifery has helped hundreds of lesbian couples conceive, and we cater to people becoming parents with a carrier (surrogacy). Our motto is "Compassionate Care for All People." Alma deserved mention for our work with LGBTQ folk.

Could you have at least placed our ad by the article? Why have you forsaken us? ORM doesn't even have an ad with WW. We want to break up. It's not us, it's you.

—The Midwives of Alma Midwifery