We might sound like a broken record, but here's the reality: It's hot as shit and everything is burning.

And this summer's high temperatures are about to be record-breaking, at least in Portland.

According the the National Weather Service, the city's current record for number of days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit is 29. That was in 2015. So far this year, Portland has logged 27 90-plus degree days—counting Monday.

The dry heat is also fueling massive fires around Oregon and in Washington.

According the U.S. Forest Service, "fire activity increased significantly over this weekend, especially in Washington."

Currently, there are 8,484 firefighters managing 25 fires in Oregon and Washington—with over 296,959 acres on fire in the two states.

In Oregon alone, there are 12 fires burning 195,807 acres. That's more than burned in all of 2016.