The smoke is clearing, at least in Portland.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality today changed Portland's air quality ranking from "unhealthy" to "good." That means breathing while outdoors is no longer a health risk.

City skies started getting hazy on Tuesday, as smoke from fires in Eastern Oregon and Southern Washington drifted into the area. The Oregon DEQ warned that people should remain indoors and keep windows shut while air quality was compromised.

Today's clear skies and cooler weather are a welcome relief from the string of heat waves the city has been experiencing.

According to the National Weather Service, if Portland sees one more day over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the city will tie its yearly record for highest number of 90 plus degree days. That all-time record is 29 days at 90 or above.

Look for the record to be broken early next week, as temperatures are predicted to again rise to the mid 90s.