Stay Indoors Again, Portland: Wildfire Smoke Is Back Until Wednesday

Smoke from fires in eastern Washington and British Columbia drifted into the region last night.

The city's short respite from wildfire smoke has ended.

Two days after ending its warning for local air quality, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has again put out a notice to vulnerable groups in the Willamette Valley to avoid outdoor activity due to wildfire smoke.

The National Weather Service says smoke from fires in eastern Washington and British Columbia drifted south into the region last night. Hazy skies are expected through Wednesday.

Air quality this week is not as bad as it was last week, however, when smoke shrouded the city like a scene from Blade Runner and all residents—not just vulnerable populations—were cautioned to stay indoors.

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A map of DEQ's air quality data shows that the current conditions in Portland are "unhealthy for sensitive groups," including children, elderly folks and people suffering from heart or lung conditions.

On top of that, if Portland sees one more day over 90 degrees Fahrenheit—which forecasts show could happen tomorrow and Wednesday—the city will beat its record for most days over 90 degrees.

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