Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the Eagle Creek Fire.

The massive Columbia River Gorge inferno scorched thousands of acres of land, and led to numerous closures of beloved hiking trails and recreation areas.

But, according Rachel Pawlitz, a spokesperson for the Columbia River Gorge Forest Service, nearly half of the trails shuttered due to fire damage have reopened.

Pawlitz says emergency burn response crews estimated 122 miles of trail closure last September. As of mid-June, Pawlitz says around 60 acres of trail have been cleared.

On top of that, two popular trails—Wahclella Falls and the Larch Mountain picnic area—are expected to reopen by the end of this year.

Pawlitz largely credits volunteer groups, including the Trailkeepers of Oregon, Pacific Crest Trail Association and Washington Trails Association, for helping repair and reopen trails.

"A lot of positive and improved examples of working together came out of fire," Pawlitz says, adding, "Let's just hope no fires start this weekend."