It's not news that the earth is warming. But Portland has been hitting record-breaking highs in terperature this year.

Over the summer, the city broke its previous record for number of days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit: We experienced 30 days of 90-plus degree weather. And this winter an El Niño weather pattern on the Pacific Ocean could lead to an unusually warm Pacific Northwest winter.

Portland State University's assistant professor of geography, Paul Loikith, says it's unlikely that unrelenting heat and smoke will besiege the city every summer. But climate change predictions paint an undeniable pattern of gradual warming.

A new, interactive analysis from Vox—which maps projections of changes in summer and winter high and low temperatures in 1,000 U.S. cities—shows that Portland will be a notably warmer city in the next 30 years.

Summer highs, Vox reports, could increase by 4.7 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter highs could increase by 3.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

The report builds on longer range data from the Climate Impact Lab, published in September, which show Portland on track to experience 10 to 30 days of 90 degree weather each year by 2089.