In March, the great-great grandchildren of Alpenrose Dairy's founder, Florian Cadonau, sued their aunts over plans to sell the establishment.

Although the lawsuit was settled, and the dairy supposedly taken off the market, Alpenrose's president announced this week that it is being sold to Kent, Wash.-based Smith Brothers Farms, as The Oregonian first reported. The sale could be finalized in the next 30 days.

Alpenrose did not immediately respond to WW's request for comment about when the dairy was put up for sale again.

Company president Rod Birkland told KATU, "We have found a like-minded buyer in Smith Brothers Farms. During our discussions, we learned how much we both care about our employees, quality, customer service, our communities and the Pacific Northwest dairy farmers and producers."

Alpenrose, which is located on around 50 acres of land in southwest Portland, was founded in 1891 and officially became a business in 1916, when Cadonau's children took over operations. The property hosts holiday events, bike races, softball games and a 4-H farm.

It is unclear what will happen to Alpenrose's over 150 employees. Smith Brothers Farms did not immediately respond to WW's request for comment.

Smith Brothers Farms was founded over nine decades ago and is known for its home deliveries in the Puget Sound area.