Mayoral Madness: Bud Clark Regional, Round 2

Dear lord, can anyone stop Victoria Taft? She's beating Timber Joey like a rented goalie. We're going to have to bring in a ringer soon. We're thinking Tim Tebow. We hear he's available.

Meanwhile, this is the second round of the Bud Clark Regional. It attracted the least voters of all brackets last week. We think this is because Tres Shannon was disqualified, but it also might be because it's insufficiently polarizing. So let's try this: Gert Boyle believes that the earth is 1,780 years old, and she's going to personally homeschool all your kids so they'll know. Vote!

1. Bacon maple bar8. Andy Ricker, Cooks delicious wings

5. Paul Bunyan statue, He’s tall4. Sallie Ford, Big-voiced crooner

11. Erin Janssens, First female fire chief14. Gert Boyle, Columbia Sportswear big boss

7. Jon Raymond, Screenwriter-about-town15. Reo Varnado, Snoop’s rib-cooking uncle

Wendy and Lucy

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