Future Drinking: Broder Expands to the North, Hong Phat Expands In General

Update: Future Montavilla grocers multiply like Blaise Pascal.

Our sorta-whenever recap of gossip via OLCC liquor license applications:

Looks like bustling Swedish brunch spot Broder is looking to expand into the space of the just-shuttered Gotham Tavern (2240 N. Interstate Ave.), according to an OLCC application, despite brief rumors that the space was set to be taken over by a former employee. In its heyday the Gotham was a Portland food institution co-run by Beast's Naomi Pomeroy, back when her name was a portmanteau. The Tavern then closed and then re-opened and then closed again, winding out its run this May. According to the application, the new spot would be called Broder Nord.

That Safeway that shut down in Montavilla at 101 SE 82nd Ave? The new tenant looks to be Hong Phat, the venerable Vietnamese market currently sidled up at the edge of Maywood Park, which would fill a sizable grocery void in the neighborhood and likely sap business from Fubonn farther south on 82nd Avenue. 

Update June 21 10:30 am: MONTAVILLA GROCER EXTRA!: For those more interested in local-organic-community-based somesuch, a group attempting to get a food co-op storefront going in the Montavilla neighborhood is raising some funds here.

Sellwood seems to be continuing its food scene's recent turnover to a new generation, as the MAX tracks lumber slowly toward the little river neighborhood. Pending approval, the old-school German joint Berlin Inn (3131 SE 12th Ave.) will see new life as a Euro-comfort-food spot called Brooklyn House Restaurant, with vegan and gluten-free options. The owners listed on the application are Lisa Samuels and Erica Litzner; Litzner currently works at the Berlin Inn, and Samuels and Litzner had a previous business together called Eat Here Now Fresh Local Food LLC. The Berlin Inn will exist until this Friday, June 22, and then the torch will be passed.

Meanwhile, an upcoming futsal (a variant on indoor soccer) spot, Rose City Futsal (5010 NE Oregon St.) has filed for a beer license for their sporting facility in the industrial no man's land across the Banfield Freeway from Providence Hospital. The facility, which will house three full-size futsal fields, will also host an outpost of the Far Post Soccer store and a health-food pub called Clive's Public House, run by Aaron Woo (Vita Cafe, Natural Selection.)

Punk-rock venue and bar East End (203 SE Grand Ave.), yet again, has a change of ownership application filed with the OLCC. This time around, the names attached are current bartender/co-owner Anthony Mengis, alongside Patrick Kennedy. 

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