Does the Leafly Strain of the Year Live Up to the Hype? We Tested Several Varieties to Find Out.

There’s no way an entire nation of stoners could be wrong.

What is it about Do-Si-Dos that captivated stoned America last year?

From coast to coast, it was the most popular strain; a super-relaxing cultivar bred from a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG that reportedly delivered a high potent enough to ease both common anxiety and the flaming hot collapse-of-society-as-we-know-it variety of fear as well. And there’s no way an entire nation of stoners could be wrong.

Since cultivars can differ so greatly between growers, processes and products, we decided to explore the strain in its three most common forms—dabs, joints and sticky-icky buds—to find out just what, exactly, is so spellbinding about this hybrid, and hopefully figure out the best delivery systems for a variety of needs. Here are the results:

Round One: Concentrates and Conversations

Disco Dabs Do-Si-Dos Sauce, 39% THC

I brought two dab rigs and a stack of alcohol wipes to my squad’s weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race watch party to observe how my crew was affected by both Disco Dabs’ sauce and Bobsled’s live resin.

The first homegirl to partake in the Disco Dab gulped a solid 4-ounce chamber of opaque smoke without even needing to clear her chest; not because she’s an iron-lunged champ, but because the quality of the Disco Dab was velvety smooth. After a few moments of contemplation, her first impression was that the exhale “tasted like sausage smells,” which is to say, it had a buttery, botanical finish. It also led to the kind of immediate high that can make perfect sense of the phrase “this tasted like sausage smells.”

As our highs unfurled, I could see my buddies blossom into chattier versions of themselves, albeit in ways that were tender and disarming rather than clumsy and disconnected.

BUY: Vibe | Amberlight Cannabis Dispensary, 2407 SE 49th Ave., 503-233-0420,

Bobsled Dosidos Live Resin, 39% THC

Near the end of our watch party, I passed a second rig loaded with Bobsled’s live resin. My friend’s exhale was rougher than the previous dab, eliciting rattling coughs from even the most experienced dabbers in our crew. Though we agreed that the mouthfeel of Bobsled’s Dosidos live resin belied what were heavy, cashmere-cozy effects.

The exhales were bright, with notes of lemongrass and citrus that felt fresh even through a series of barking coughs. But this high felt quiet, cozy and introspective. We settled a bit deeper into our seats and slowly our chatter turned from superficial to sympathetic. The two dabs felt like perfect bookends to the night.

BUY: Club Sky High, 8975 N Lombard St., 503-719-5801,

Round Two: Pre-rolls in the Kitchen and Bedroom

Kleen Karma Gardens Do-Si-Dos, 30% THC

A primary takeaway from my time spent auditioning Do-Si-Dos was how enthusiastic it made me about eating. The munchies I experienced were significant and, weirdly, principled: After a half-gram Kleen Karma pre-roll, I didn’t crave any processed foods. Instead, I buzzed with kitchen creativity, going straight into Instagram chef mode. The entire process, from cooking to cleanup, was a magic carpet ride. But as the high evaporated, it zapped what was left of my energy, and I spent the rest of the afternoon napping.

BUY: Happy Leaf Portland Dispensary, 1301 NE Broadway, 971-800-0420,

Ionic Do-Si-Dos Distillate-Infused Pre-roll, 32% THC

Ionic’s Do-Si-Dos-infused pre-roll felt similar to smoking moon rocks in that any discernible nuance that the flower might have delivered was buried under distillate. That said, this pre-roll still delivered the trademark euphoria I’d come to expect from the strain, with compounded munchies and an even more intense need to nap post-munch.

BUY: Tetra Cannabis, 1815 N Williams Ave., 971-238-1232,

Round Three: Waking, Working and Winding Down With Flower

Million Elephants, 27% THC

How a plant is cultivated determines a great deal. Factory farms typically produce a different quality of flower than independent farms, and even smaller local growers can produce two notably different varieties of the same cultivar. Million Elephants’ Dosido varietal, for example, has a tight bud structure, candy-sweet exhale, and verdant, savory nose. It didn’t quite look, taste or smell like any of the other Do-Si-Dos products we auditioned.

When smoked in the morning, it delivered mild euphoria, potent munchies and an easily managed lethargy. When smoked at night, though, we were couchlocked.

BUY: Oregon Weedery Dispensary, 2327 NW Kearney St., 503-750-4594,

TerpScouts, 24% THC

The nose on TerpScouts’ Do-Si-Dos is stringent and cutting, with lingering notes of sharp pine that made my nostrils flare. The exhale had a buttery richness reminiscent of the one we got from Disco Dabs, but the high felt more physical than cerebral.

At the onset, my fingertips tingled, my toes curled and my chakras all lit up. The familiar euphoria was present in my body, but the head high was watery and intractable. Any kind of cognitive exertion was a challenge, but because of Do-Si-Dos’ euphoric streak, thinking complex thoughts didn’t feel terribly annoying, just harder than usual.

BUY: Kaleafa Cannabis Company, 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., 971-407-3208,