Women Are the Key to Weed

The extracts we dab today were formulated from kitchen apothecaries and passed down through generations of grandmothers.

For this year’s 420 issue, the cover package proclaims: The Future of Cannabis is Female.

But I think women in the industry know the past of cannabis is female as well.

The extracts we dab today, the cannabis tinctures and salves borne from home remedies, were formulated from kitchen apothecaries and passed down through generations of grandmothers. The flowers we smoke come from the females of the species. The whole affair just radiates big femme energy, which is why is feels so critical to let women lead the way as we continue to build this new industry.

Some of the best cannabis comes from female led farms. Phresh, Phyre, Magic Hour, Sugartop and Meraki are all notable brands led by females of the species. Some of the most notable work being done around cannabis in general is being done by women.

Take, for instance, the Cannabis Workers Coalition, who provide union-esque services to cannabis workers, and The Oregon Handlers Fund, a non profit that provides workers permits—the #1 barrier to employment in the industry—to workers who couldn’t otherwise afford them. 

Women founders are laying groundwork for an industry capable of crazy liberation not just from pharmaceuticals, but liberation from economic, environmental and racial injustice. I don’t care if I sound like a pothead: Weed is the key to an equitable future, and women are the key to weed.

On this week’s episode of the Dive podcast, Lauren Yoshiko and I will chat about her contribution to the cover package—an oral history of Luvli Farm’s Leftovers strain—then I’m gonna cut it up with this week’s cover model, Megon Dee, the founder and CEO of therapeutic cannabis company Oracle Wellness.

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