After an eight year run, North Portland's beloved small plates and cocktail bar,  Miho Izakaya, is closing up shop.

Tucked away in a converted 100-year-old craftsman bungalow off Interstate and known for their creative specials (Stranger Green's anyone?) and inexpensive plates of beautifully plated Japanese-inspired tapas  Miho Izakaya owner's Michael and Megan Miho delivered the new of their decision to close via Facebook earlier today.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over the years and we are excited about the opportunity to focus on our family and begin a new project! Stay tuned!” 

Though we haven't featured Miho in our guides of late, that's not because the place slipped. There's just so much out there now, and this little gem tended to slide under the radar.

Here's what we said back in the 2016 edition of our Finder magazine:

The red lantern outside a converted residence doesn’t exactly announce its presence, but Miho Izakaya has built a loyal following through humbly hearty Japanese pub grub. Bring enough friends to forage through a goodly swath of small plates—yam noodles, firecracker mussels, and sesame pork meatballs. $.

Fingers crossed the Miho's "new project" will be food related because we'd rather not see those perfect plates of miso butter asparagus disappear forever.

The last day of service will be November 30.