Red Sauce, the much loved Cully neighborhood pizzeria serving loaves of sourdough and sauced-up pan pies on Mondays, is on the move.

For locals, it's good news—the new location is at the corner of NE 47th and Fremont, only one mile south of the old spot.

Owner Shardell Dues announced the move on Facebook, explaining the need for a bigger space as the restaurant reaches its fourth anniversary.

"Where we're at now, we've kind of outgrown it," says Patri Thompson, the self-described "feminist pizza machine engineer" and operations manager, tells WW. "The [new location] just offers us more space for dining and the ability to grow and expand our business so that we can offer lunch and slices, which are two things we couldn't do here because we lacked the space."

The tentative plan is to close service October 21-23 and reopen for business at the new location October 24. The space, formerly home to short-lived Hungarian cafe Anchor End, will offer a larger and more cohesive area for Red Sauce to operate.

The goal is to expand hours to allow for an additional lunch service within two to three weeks of the move. Looking ahead, Red Sauce is interested in widening its menu selections, potentially offering hoagies alongside its 420 breadsticks and Hot Nancy pizza.

There is no word yet on what will be moving into their old address on 42nd Ave.