1. Lottie & Zula’s

120-A NE Russell St., 503-333-6923, lottieandzulas.com. 8 am-4 pm Tuesday-Saturday. Breakfast all day, lunch 10:30 am to close. Takeout and delivery only.

Toro Bravo is gone, replaced by a punky sandwich window with New England roots. The heart of the Lottie & Zula's breakfast menu are bolo levedos, or "Portuguese muffins"—something like a cross between an English muffin and a King's Hawaiian roll, which makes its version of a McGriddle extra satisfying.

iMAGE: Courtesy of Aybendito.
iMAGE: Courtesy of Aybendito.

2. Aybendito

Order at aybenditopdx.com.

Ataula co-owner Cristina Baez's tiendita is designed with the pandemic in mind, operating on a family-friendly take-and-make model. The online marketplace is stocked with the street food Baez grew up with in Puerto Rico: sofrito canéles to replace your stale bouillon, chimichurri, limited-availability pernil and pollo guisado, flan, and the staple pastelillo.

Naomi Pomeroy (right) and Mika Paredes at Clyde Common in 2010. (Vivian Johnson)
Naomi Pomeroy (right) and Mika Paredes at Clyde Common in 2010. (Vivian Johnson)

3. Ripe Cooperative

5425 NE 30th Ave., 503-841-6968, ripecooperative.com. 10 am-6 pm Thursday-Sunday.

Naomi Pomeroy wasn't necessarily ready to say goodbye to Beast when it closed indefinitely in March due to COVID-19. But she wasn't going to shed a tear over it, either. Pomeroy's new venture in the 600-square-foot space is a gourmet community market with fresh pastas, bread, wine and box meals to go that will continue her mission of taking the mystery out of cooking.

4. Dimo’s Apizza

701 E Burnside St., 503-327-8968, dimosapizza.com. 4-9 pm Wednesday-Sunday.

The menu at Dimo's Apizza is loaded with variations of the New Haven-style pies that chef Doug Miriello grew up eating in Connecticut. But his new spot is aiming for a place in Portland's sandwich pantheon, too. The most recent addition to the menu is maybe the most impressive. It's called The Beast: whole top sirloin seasoned like brisket, cave-aged Gruyère and slathered-on aioli.

5. Kemuri Hot Dogs

Afuri, the celebrated Japanese ramen chain, has started a delivery-only "ghost kitchen" focused on hot dogs. These aren't typical ballpark franks, though. At Kemuri, the dogs are cooked over charcoal and include fixings such as kimchi, spicy ground pork, tonkatsu sauce, and kizami nori, or shredded seaweed.