The bad news: Tom Brady is going back to the Super Bowl.

The good news, at least for Portlanders: Ndamukong Suh is going with him.

The defensive end, who grew up in Northeast Portland and attended Grant High School, plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who beat the Green Bay Packers 31-26 in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. It's Suh's second Super Bowl appearance: He also went in 2019 with the Los Angeles Rams, where he lost to…Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Looking for a way to celebrate? How about this: Order some of his chicken for dinner.

In addition to being a member of the NFL's 2010s All-Decade Team—and, at one point in time, the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the league—Suh has become something of a food magnate in Portland.

In 2019, he teamed up with Little Big Burger and Blue Star Donuts founder Micah Camden to open Baes, a fried chicken restaurant that now has locations downtown and in Sellwood. Our review described the business as "a well-oiled behemoth that doles out fresh, juicy fried birds with ruthless efficiency and alarming consistency." It's on all the major third-party delivery apps.

Suh has gone to partner with Camden on a fish-and-chips concept, Rock Paper Fish, on the ground floor of the famous Burnside 26 apartment complex. He is also a partner in Alberta Alley, a new development on Northeast Alberta Street, set to open this year and feature spinoff locations of Deadstock Coffee and Pearl District taqueria Papi Chulo's.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, Feb. 7, which gives you two weeks to figure out if you want hot chicken or fried clams.