A lot of Portlanders lost their shit on April 23, when Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard dropped in an amazing buzzer-beater 37 feet from the hoop to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. Some fans ran laps around their neighborhood in excitement; others cried.

But a week and a half later, a stop-motion animator in Boise, Ida., Jared Jacobs, emerged with the most impressive response: a reenactment of the entire scene with Legos.

Jacobs gets hired by sports franchises around the nation to stage highlight moments and promotional clips. He says Lillard's amazing shot is what finally made him a Blazers fan.

"This was the moment when Damian Lillard officially got me on the Trail Blazers bandwagon," Jacobs writes on Twitter. "I had to immortalize it in Lego. I hope this brings them good luck for the next round."

The 17-second clip, backed by commentary from the event, is an incredibly accurate copy of the actual footage—ending with Dame's now-iconic, Jim Halpert-style deadpan stare into the camera.