The Trail Blazers season ended weeks ago, but the ballad of CJ and Jennifer continues.

To recap: Last summer, Twitter user Jennifer Williams got fed up with Blazers guard CJ McCollum's ongoing criticisms of her favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, and decided to slide up into his @'s to let him know. "Win a playoff game then talk," she tweeted—to which McCollum replied, "I'm trying Jennifer." The phrase became instant meme fodder and turned Williams into a minor internet celebrity.

The incident came full circle last month, as McCollum proceeded to win several playoff games and help propel the Blazers into an unlikely Western Conference Finals matchup with Williams' beloved Warriors, and McCollum finally met his rival-slash-muse in person before Game 2 of the series. (The Blazers, of course, ended up getting swept, but that's beside the point.)

You'd think that would be the end of the saga. But yesterday, Williams revealed on Twitter that her new frienemy sent her a gift—a bottle of Crown Royal Extra Rare.

That is indeed a velvet bag embroidered with her Twitter handle and the words "I Tried Jennifer, And I Did It." McCollum also included a note, which we've transcribed below:


You told me I had to win a playoff game before I could "talk." So I wanted to thank you for giving me added fire I needed to not only "try" but succeed throughout the postseason. My next mission: turn you into a Portland fan! It was so great to finally meet and I appreciate your continued support of the sport. Hope we meet again in person or on Twitter and that we both continue to succeed in all that we do!


CJ McCollum/Portland Trail Blazers #3

This is really starting to seem like the start of a great love story—or at least a  rom-com. I'm Trying Jennifer, coming soon to the Hallmark Channel.