Who deserves the most credit for this miracle Blazers postseason?

Sure, Damian Lillard owned Russell Westbrook in the first round, and CJ McCollum's Game 7 heroics propelled the team past the Nuggets. But if we're being real, the person who really, spiritually inspired Portland's improbable run to the Western Conference Finals is Jennifer.

That's Jennifer Williams, the Twitter user who, last summer, inadvertently instigated the biggest meme of the NBA offseason.

Fed up with McCollum's ongoing criticisms of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, Williams—who lives in Chicago and, according to her Twitter bio, is a "Huge Warriors fan"—tweeted at McCollum to, "Win a playoff game then talk." To which McCollum replied: "I'm trying Jennifer."

The phrase took on a life of its own, turned Williams into a minor internet celebrity and, if you ask us, motivated the Blazers to win not one but eight playoff games and counting. But McCollum and Williams never met—until tonight.

Williams was a guest on ESPN's pre-show before the start of Game 2 between the Blazers and Warriors, leading to this historic moment:

Williams might claim to be a huge Warriors fan, but c'mon—you know who she's really rooting for.