By now, you've probably seen the trailer for the new live-action Cats movie, and you're likely still deeply weirded out by it.

As if it's not strange enough that they are adapting friggin' Cats in the year 2019, someone decided to add a layer of uncanny valley, CGI-ing the faces of a bunch of A-list stars onto humanoid-feline bodies and making the whole thing several degrees creepier.

In case you somehow missed it, watch the teaser below—because if we had to see it, everyone has to.

Naturally, a trailer that messed up was always going to inspire some memorable memes and parodies. But only one sports team dared to go out and actually fix its biggest problem—by casting an actual human-cat hybrid in a starring role.

Not a real human-cat hybrid, but the closest thing we've got: Trail Blazers mascot Blaze the Trail Cat.

In a fit of either genius or offseason boredom, the Blazers' acclaimed social media team decided to re-cut the Cats trailer with none other than Portland's own giant cat-man (or woman—it's always been pretty unclear).

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Happy Monday, we fixed the Cats trailer.

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C'mon, don't tell us that doesn't make you at least 10 percent more likely to see this in a theater. Who's up for starting a petition to get them to reshoot the movie with a new part written specifically for Blaze? Do it, you cowards!