Watch Blazers Superfan Ian Karmel Dance with the Laker Girls (and Venus Williams) at Staples Center

He claims it was just a "bit" for a new "television show" he is "on."

And you thought this Blazers season couldn't get any worse.

On the night when Carmelo Anthony made his Rip City debut—and Portland dropped yet another game, falling to 5-10 on the year—one of the team's biggest supporters has crossed to the dark side.

It brings us no joy to report this, but Beaverton's own Ian Karmel belongs to the Lakers now.

The footage doesn't lie. Take a look for yourself.

Indeed, your eyes are not deceiving you. Even though the guy talking in that clip couldn't identify him, that is Ian Karmel in the purple and gold, and yes, that is tennis superstar Venus Williams in his arms at the end. Rob Gronkowski and James Corden were also there, but neither of them were ever on Talkin' Ball, so who cares?

Judgement came down swift and hard.

The dragging got harsh enough that Karmel eventually issued a video statement, claiming it was just a "bit" for a new "television show" he is "on."

Some quick research confirms that there is in fact a game show called Game On! coming to CBS, featuring "two teams navigating rounds of sporting questions and physical challenges," and that "Ian Karmel, an Emmy Award-winning writer on The Late Late Show with James Corden" will be among the regulars.

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"It felt absolutely vile and disgusting to wear Laker gear," Karmel tells WW. "I honestly tried to get out of it, but we had to do it for the bit, and the Laker Girls were so nice that I sucked it up. But it legit made me feel kind of sick. I kept thinking about how disappointed Portland was going to be, but people have been understanding. They get the joke. Still, though, yuck city."

Sounds plausible. But how can we be so sure? After all, the man lives in Los Angeles now. Look at the state of the Blazers, and look at the Lakers who, after a win tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, have the best record in the NBA.

Join us, Ian. Joiiiiiiiiin us…