The coronavirus has officially arrived in the Portland area, placing the whole state on edge, and even the rich and famous are not immune.

With the first documented case of the disease in Oregon originating in Blazers country—Lake Oswego, where many of the players live—guard CJ McCollum went on Twitter yesterday to issue a public service announcement, reminding followers to properly wash their hands and mind where they cough.

He also announced that if you want him to sign something, you're going to have to wait for this pandemic to pass.

It's hard to tell how seriously that edict is meant to be taken, but McCollum followed up that post with a series of informational retweets related to the outbreak—don't be surprised to see the team doing foot daps after games from now on.

The precaution understandable: Given the luck the Blazers have had this season, the last thing anyone wants to see is "DNP-COVID-19" showing up on an injury report.