What do you do when you're trying to eat Portland's best ice cream every day for a month, but one ice cream everyone says is delicious poses a big conflict of interest? Send a freelancer and put in a giant blond disclosure.

Oui Presse
1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 384-2160, oui-presse.com.

Price per scoop: $3.50 for a two-scoop serving
Most popular flavor: Caramel
The person in front of me: Wore sandals, handmade feather earrings and toted a silver MacBook (one of four identical laptops being used in the cafe).
Best for: Taking that quirky girl you've got a crush on out for an afternoon date of ice cream and crafts.

Oui Presse, a coffee shop and newsstand on Southeast Hawthorne, is cute. I mean really cute. In fact, it's so downright adorable I expected to see Zooey Deschanel behind the counter serving cupcakes with a wink. 

The bright, cheerful café is the creation of Shawna McKeown [who, massive conflict of interest disclosure, is a former WW employee. The author of this article is a freelancer who has never worked with or met her -- Ed.]. McKeown has been in business for a year and a half now and has attracted a loyal following of fans with her tasty treats, delightful kitsch and collection of semi-obscure knitting magazines.

The cafe's ice cream is not prominently displayed behind a glass-fronted cooler or even prominently written on the chalkboard menu. In fact, if you were to wander in on a balmy summer day in search of something refreshing, you probably wouldn't even realize that ice cream is available. But believe me: Oui Presse has it—and it is delicious. 

Made in-house in small batches, there's typically two or three flavors available at a time. I sampled a spoonful of a tasty burnt-sugar butterscotch and a more intriguing crème fraîche. I ordered the latter—perfectly sweetened and just slightly tangy—which seemed fitting for the warm weather. I was told the cafe is also experimenting with a fudgy chocolate that will be worth coming back for.

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