Sneakertown just keeps getting blowing up.

Adidas is leasing out 80,000 square feet of office space in the iconic Montgomery Park building in industrial Northwest Portland, according to Portland Business JournalThis is in addition to a 14-acre North Portland campus that just expanded two years ago, with the purchase of a 25,000 square foot building.

Adidas is staying tight lipped about the nature of the land grab, but it's been doubling down on its Portland presence of late—upping its employee tally by 50 percent over two years, handing out free shoes in the streets, putting on free rap shows and, of course, signing Damian Lillard to a shoe contract that includes a roller-skate edition.

As Willamette Week noted in a cover package last year, Portland has become the design center for the worldwide sneaker industry. Among other national and international companies like Baltimore's Under Armour—whose 70,000 square foot campus will be open in downtown Portland this year—Adidas has been in Portland since 1993, but has expanded rapidly in recent years.

Adidas will announce at the end of this quarter whether Adidas is moving its current operations into the more central location from its North Portland campus, or whether they're opening a second campus, according to the PBJ report.