Portland's Vegan Strip Club Feuding With Steakhouse Strip Club, Vice Reports

The steakhouse says the vegans run a "whorehouse." The vegans say the steakhouse is full of "murder and torture."

Portland's famous vegan strip club and its famous strip-club steakhouse are fighting, according to a hilarious oral history handed down by local writer Natalie O'Neill in Vice.

Some background: Acropolis is perhaps the most classic strip club in Portland that isn't Mary's Club, known for offering cheap-ass steaks because its owner also owns a cattle ranch.

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Its neighbor, Dusk Til Dawn: Casa Diablo II, is the "sequel" to Casa Diablo, the vegan strip club every touring comedian sees fit to mention onstage—known for being sued by its own dancers, for annoying the Secret Service by staining $2 bills red, and for being, you know, a vegan strip club. Its second location, next to Acropolis, was protested for months before opening.

Anyway, the two apparently hate each other enough that Acropolis has erected a wall between the two, to stop drunk folk from Dusk from mounting the Acropolis—with Acropolis owner Bob Polizos quoted calling Dusk Til Dawn a "whorehouse" and dancers from Diablo chanting "Vixens not veal! Sizzle not steak!" after Zukle positioned his club there as a bit of a joke to antagonize the steak-y strip club, which he says serves the product of "murder and torture."


Anyway, here's one of the best exchanges from the Vice piece—which you can read in its entirety here, in all the wonderful, nitty-gritty detail:

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