1. Tropicale

2337 NE Glisan St., 503-894-9484, tropicale.co. Noon-9:30 pm Wednesday-Sunday.

The Portland food world was leveled last week by the passing of Alfredo Climaco, Portland's pina colada king and owner of this colorful, recently opened cocktail bar. But a piece of his vibrant spirit survives in the drinks that made him famous, like the smoky-sweet Oaxaca Forever. Named after the home state of Climaco's father, it has a subtle wood smoke that wafts in the background like a bonfire on the sand, joined by a swell of grapefruit that crashes against a dash of warming cinnamon.


2. Paydirt

2724 NE Pacific St., 503-908-3217, paydirtbar.com. 4-9 pm Wednesday-Saturday.

The to-go version of Paydirt's House Old Fashioned—Old Taylor bourbon with bitters and sugar, plus an orange twist and "fancy cherry"—is made to order, funneled into 4-ounce brown glass bottles. It also comes with an added bonus in order to satisfy OLCC regulations: a cheese sandwich, which literally a slice of American cheese between two pieces of white bread.

Gluar (Chris Nesseth)
Gluar (Chris Nesseth)

3. GlüBar

2006 NE Alberta St., 503-954-2021, imperialbottleshop.com/glubar. 4-10 pm Wednesday-Friday, noon-10 pm Saturday-Sunday.

Inspired by the outdoor Christmas markets in Northern and Western Europe, Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom's new curbside pop-up makes patio drinking in the dead of winter not only feasible but downright jolly. The lineup of mulled drinks changes about once a week, but whatever options are available, always spring for something that can be set on fire.

4. Tiny Bubble Room

2025 N Lombard St., 503-208-2660, tinybubbleroom.com. 3-10 pm daily.

Growing up in Northeast Portland, Jeremy Lewis remembers family dinners at the Lung Fung Chinese restaurant. Now, the place is his. His new bar, Tiny Bubble Room, is named for Lung Fung's adjoining old-school lounge, and gives Arbor Lodge and Kenton a "not-so-divey dive" similar to Roscoe's in Montavilla, which Lewis also owns.

(Christine Dong)
(Christine Dong)

5. Tulip Shop Tavern

825 N Killingsworth, 503-206-8483, tulipshoptavern.com. Noon-10 pm daily.

While the building has seen quick turnover in recent years, Tulip Shop Tavern feels like a neighborhood staple that's been around far longer than not-even-three-years. It's achieved that by hitting the deceptively simple trifecta that many nouveau Portland bars struggle with: good vibes, good food and damn good drinks. You can now get those drinks to go—from well-made standards to house cocktails such as the fruit-forward Paper Tiger—and pair them with their under-the-radar burger. The vibes, though? Those are up to you for now.