Buyers are the new rock stars of the craft-beer world. Yes, buying beer to stock a tap list is a full-time job in Portland, and a high-pressure one at that. Back in March, we conducted a survey of the draft lists at the city's top beer bars, hitting a dozen places in a single day, sampling the wares and rating the overall quality of the lists.

Not all the beer bars we normally love did well in this snapshot. Specifically, our friends at BeerMongers fared poorly. Buyer Chris Tappan has, we said, "pretty much unimpeachable taste in beer."

But not that night.

"I felt like they had the right breweries, but the wrong beers," one of our raters said. To add insult to injury, BeerMongers' former buyer, Jim Bonomo, won. Ouchie.

So BeerMongers decided to have a little fun at our expense, twisting the WW logo into a BM logo and printing our criticism on the back. We were both chastened and honored. The mark of a truly great trolling.