10735 NE Halsey St., 971-803-7172. 8 am-10 pm daily.

Though it's located in a former bank—technically, the shop could even use the drive-thru if it found a way to close it off—the mood at friendly, flower-forward Paradise Found is like a small-town mom-and-pop. On our visit, the friendly budtenders were bending over backward to offer senior discounts to a disabled patron and most of the flower was $10 and under, including a potent, premium Gorilla Glue #4 from Pistol Point. The massive pre-roll joint selection is equally amenable to old-schoolers, with 30 or so options from earthy, sativa-forward Girl Scout Cookies to classic Jack Herer to tried-and-true couch-lockers like MK Ultra. Also available are rotating $3 grams, gummies and chocolates from Wyld, Grön and Not Your Granny's, plus 10 percent off resins on "Dabber Day" Saturday.

NEARBY: Sure, Paradise is located in one of East Portland's most packed bar districts. But just a block away on Halsey, stop in instead to shop for loose-leaf tea in the earth-toned environs of Portland's best Thai grocery store, Lily Market (11001 NE Halsey St.), full of ceramics, an impossible array of unfamiliar drinks and all the ingredients Thai and Cambodian restaurants buy for themselves.